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5 Problems Paving Inspections Check For

Bringing in your paving contractor once a year for a parking lot inspection is a good idea. They can locate potential problem spots and recommend repairs before the issues become too severe. This prolongs the life of your paving and saves you the cost of major repairs or premature replacement.   1. Drain Condition Every paved lot should have some sort of dra

Should You Follow a Seal Coating Schedule for Your Driveway?

If you've ever spent much time reading about routine maintenance tasks, you've probably discovered one universal truth: there's always plenty of conflicting information. Sealcoating is no different, and you may be confused about the best time to perform this essential maintenance task on your driveway. Unsurprisingly, the answer is more complicated than you might thin

3 Commercial Paving Services Needed For Your Facility's Parking Lot

Every business owner should invest in keeping their parking lot in top shape because it's an area that customers will always need to use. What's more, the condition of the paving will determine if you attract more customers or repel your existing customers away. You should partner with reliable commercial paving services to provide paving upkeep for as long as you occ

What You Stand To Enjoy When From A Quality Driveway Pavement

If your property has a driveway covered with gravel, you already know the advantages of the surface. Loose gravel is cheap and can handle a lot of wear and tear positively. However, it also has its drawbacks. First, the loose gravel tends to spread all over the landscape, often getting into the grass and other parts of the greenery. Therefore, it is better to use asph

Paving Information For Property Owners

There are many paving projects that you may want to undertake for your property. In particular, paving the driveway, parking area and patio space can be some of the more common types of paving that a homeowner may want for their property. Decide On Either Concrete Or Asphalt For The Project You will need to decide whether you want to use asphalt or concrete for your p