The World of Paving Contractors

Paving Information For Property Owners

There are many paving projects that you may want to undertake for your property. In particular, paving the driveway, parking area and patio space can be some of the more common types of paving that a homeowner may want for their property.

Decide On Either Concrete Or Asphalt For The Project

You will need to decide whether you want to use asphalt or concrete for your project. There are many differences between these options, and the solution that is best for your home will largely depend on the way you are wanting to use it. For example, the driveway and parking areas may benefit from being paved with asphalt. The asphalt will be able to better absorb the weight of the vehicles that may pass over it, and it can also be a more affordable solution. For your patio area or walkways through your property, concrete may be a more attractive option. Many homeowners will consider concrete pathways to look better, and the concrete will be extremely durable as long as it is properly maintained.

Seal The Pavement Once It Is Ready

Once the pavement has been poured, you will want to consider when the time will be right to seal it. The process of applying a seal coat to the pavement will reduce the risk of water seeping into the pavement where it can cause damage to it. However, it is important not to apply the sealant as soon as the pavement has hardened. Rather, it is best to allow the pavement to fully cure before the sealant is applied. Failing to allow the pavement to fully cure before applying the sealant can trap moisture in it, which can actually make the pavement more likely to crack. For concrete, it can take several weeks to a few months before it is ready to be sealed, but asphalt is typically ready much sooner due to it primarily needing to cool to harden.

Protect The Soil Around The Pavement

If the soil around the pavement erodes, it can make potholes and crack. Unfortunately, property owners may not appreciate this threat until their pavement has already started to develop damage. To prevent this, you should install gutters that can manage the runoff that the pavement may create. In situations where you notice that soil is starting to erode, you may need to replace the soil and enhance the drainage system to keep the paved surface in good condition.