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3 Situations When A New Asphalt Paving Installation Is Required For Parking Lots

Commercial parking lots are durable and have the potential to last for decades. They can get damaged due to heavy vehicles driving or parking on them often. This is unavoidable. Lots can also get damaged when they are not properly maintained. Eventually, even the best parking lots will require a new asphalt paving installation. If the owners do not have a business relationship with paving contractors, they may not realize that they are overdue for a new installation and should get started on the project as soon as possible. The following points highlight a few signs that it's time to get an asphalt installation.

Severe Cracks

One of the mistakes that commercial property owners make is assuming that small cracks are not a serious threat to the lifespan of lots. They are not as long as paving maintenance is performed to prevent them from expanding. Cracks that do not get filled in a timely manner can lead to worse damages and shorten the lifespan of a parking lot. These cracks can also lead to more complex repair issues such as alligator cracks.

Severe Potholes

If potholes are not repaired in a timely manner, they get larger. This is not merely an aesthetic issue. It could result in lost business. Some potential customers are not willing to risk needing car repairs due to excessive potholes at a location. Large potholes can get repaired, but the issue is likely to reappear again. This is because the ground under the parking lot expands and contracts naturally. The process causes the damaged area to slowly erode away again. Therefore fixing a lot that has a lot of severe potholes should only be a temporary fix until a new asphalt paving installation can be implemented. 

Standing Water

This is a phenomenon that is sometimes referred to as ponding. It is a sign that there is poor drainage. Some parking lots have this issue so bad that after heavy rains, vehicles cannot park in certain areas due to the level of the water. This is an issue that affects the integrity of the asphalt because asphalt is porous and the water will seep through and cause deterioration. Drainage issues are complex, and a new asphalt paving installation may be the only option.

A paving contractor is a good resource to use to determine if it is time for a new asphalt paving installation. Reach out to a professional for more information about asphalt paving installation