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2 Reasons To Have Your Business's Parking Lot Repaved This Spring Instead Of Patching It

After the threat of winter weather has passed, you may be in the process of determining its impact on your commercial property. While making your assessment, you may have noticed that the parking lot looks more worn than it did the previous year.

Because of its appearance, you may be wondering whether you should have any damaged areas patched or have the entire lot repaved. Below are a couple of reasons why you should seriously consider having your business's parking lot professionally repaved this spring instead of patching it. 

1. Freezing and Thawing Cycle During the Winter Months Has Caused Multiple Areas of Cracking, Dipping, and Roughening of the Pavement

One reason why you should consider repaving your parking lot now that spring has arrived is when multiple areas have been damaged. While you may be able to get away with patching a small area of alligator cracks or a dipped area, extensive damage indicates that the overall structural integrity of the parking lot has been compromised.

When cracks, dips, and rough patches are present, the asphalt has started to break down and will continue deteriorating even if patches are done. Having a professional tear up the old asphalt and repave it ensures that you have a sound, sturdy parking lot for your business.

2. Water During Spring Rainstorms Has Started Collecting and Puddling in the Same Areas of the Parking Lot

Another reason to have the asphalt parking lot for your business repaved instead of patched is when you notice that water seems to collect and puddle on the surfaces of the same areas. When water is collecting and there are no visible signs of damage, this typically means that the underlying substrate is deteriorating.

If the water is allowed to keep puddling, it will eventually eat through the asphalt and cause cracking, potholes, and further deterioration of the supporting substrate. Especially if you have water puddling in several areas of the parking lot, you should consider going ahead and having it repaved.

If harsh winter weather has taken its toll on your business's parking lot and you notice extensive damage such as cracks, potholes, and worn surface areas, simply patching these problem areas will not be enough to ensure the stability of the structure. Also, if you notice puddling in several areas on the surface of the parking lot, the substrate has likely been damaged. In these cases, you should seriously consider going ahead and repaving the lot.

Contact an asphalt paving contractor in your area for more info about your options.