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What Affects The Overall Cost Of Commercial Asphalt Sealing?

Asphalt parking lots and private drives start out looking shiny, smooth, and with an even dark color. As they become weathered by the elements and worn down by car tires, the individual stones that are embedded in the material will become visible. At this point, sealing the surface protects it and restores the original look. Asphalt sealing protects your parking lot or other paved areas for years to come, but it does require an investment. Learn why your estimate for commercial asphalt sealing may be higher or lower than you expect.

Length and Width of the Paved Area

The main factor in the cost of any asphalt sealing service is the total surface area that needs coating. A larger parking lot will cost more, while a smaller section of asphalt like a short private drive will cost less. This is due to reductions in both the amount of sealant needed and the labor required to apply it. While you can't change the size of your parking lot after it's in place, considering this fact before installing new asphalt may lead you to a smaller design in order to control future costs for routine sealing.

Desired Sealing Product

The eco-friendliness of asphalt sealing products can vary, with some specifically designed to minimize effects on your landscaping and any nearby bodies of water. These sealants cost more, even for the contractor applying them, so you'll pay more if you request them. Sealants with extra longevity or the ability to withstand unusual application conditions like cold temperatures also tend to raise the total cost of the project.

Condition of the Asphalt

Repairs, patches, and cleaning needed to remove loose debris will all increase the cost of the total work. Since these improvements are often taken on by the same contractor that handles the sealing, they're often considered by business owners to be part of the total cost of sealing their parking lot. Consider that your paved areas will both look better and last longer when repaired properly before sealing.

Landscaping Around the Edges

Sensitive landscaping features like flower beds or shrubs that sit right next to the asphalt require extra care. The contractor can take the time to cover these plants and use products that won't affect their health, but it will increase the total cost. Yet if you've already spent years and thousands of dollars getting your commercial landscaping just the way you like it, it's well worth the extra expense to protect your plants. Keeping a gap of a few feet between the edges of paved areas and nearby landscaping features can reduce the effort and cost in the long run.

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