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Preparing An Area To Be Paved With Asphalt

It is a common issue for individuals to underestimate the amount of preparation work that is needed before they can effectively pave an area with asphalt. Unfortunately, this can lead to individuals having a poor conception of the amount of time that their project may require before it can be completed.

Clearing The Area That Is To Be Paved

The first step in the paving preparation process will be to clear the area that is going to be paved. At a minimum, this will require the removal of any bushes or trees that are growing in the area. Depending on the amount of debris that is covering the terrain, this could be a sizable project that may require professional land clearing services. This is particularly true when the plants that are growing in this area are especially large.

Grading The Terrain

Another critical aspect of the preparation process will be grading the terrain. This is done so that the ground will be as level as possible when the asphalt is poured on top of it. In some cases, it may not be possible to make the ground perfectly level. However, grading can eliminate many of the surface imperfections that could potentially impact the overall ability to apply the asphalt to the ground. At the end of the grading process, you may have large amounts of soil that will need to be disposed of, and this could require a service that specializes in hauling away landscaping and construction debris.

Assessing The Drainage Needs Of The Paved Area

Once the site has been cleared and leveled, it is necessary to consider the drainage needs of the area that will be paved. This can partially depend on the incline of the paved area and the terrain surrounding it. In many cases, you will need to install a drainage system that is capable of hauling away the excess water that could gather on the pavement when it is raining. Fortunately, if you are concerned about the aesthetics of the drainage system or need to avoid placing large gutters along the side, it is possible to include drains on the surface of the pavement that can provide a solution for directing the flow of the runoff to areas where it will be less likely to cause significant erosion or other types of water damage to the pavement or the landscaping. Failing to appreciate this important part of the preparation process can lead to the pavement having a significantly shorter lifespan and needing more frequent repairs.

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