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Should You Use Pavers Or Stamped Concrete For Your Outdoor Restaurant Patio?

Are you planning to create a patio at your restaurant where customers can have an enjoyable meal outside? You will definitely want the space to feel nice and inviting, which is hard to do with normal concrete. That's why you are likely looking into a more decorative option for the base of your patio. Here is what you should know about stamped concrete and pavers since they are two very good and affordable choices.

Stamped Concrete

The purpose of using stamped concrete is to replicate the look of natural stone, but do it by using concrete. This is done by creating a flat concrete surface and actually using a large stamp to make an impression on the surface, which is how the concrete gets slight changes in elevation and various stone shapes. In fact, you can even replicate the look of brick pavers with a stamped concrete pattern.

Color is also added to the stamped concrete to give it some visual variety. This is done by using a base color of the concrete that gives the material an overall shade and then putting release powder on the surface. It helps provide slight variation to the color so that it is not consistent all the way across the surface. 

One thing to keep in mind about stamped concrete is that the surface should be sealed to keep it in good condition, and you'll need to apply a new seal every couple of years when the old one wears off. Stamped concrete will also crack at some point, which is inevitable with any type of concrete. This can make stamped concrete hard to repair in a way that looks natural.


Pavers create the look of stones by using actual stones. They are not going to crack over time like concrete will, and if they do, it is easy to replace a broken paver in a way where the new brick will blend in seamlessly. This makes pavers a good idea if you are concerned about the looks of the patio over time and how it appears to your customers. Just be aware that weeds can grow between the brick paves if they are not maintained. 

When it comes to the cost of brick pavers, be aware that the installation is more labor-intensive. Since each brick needs to be installed by hand, you'll end up paying more to have a professional install your patio for you. Definitely keep this in mind if you are on a budget.  

For more information, contact a local commercial decorative concrete contractor