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Top 3 Reasons Asphalt Paving Is The Superior Option In Cold Climates

Asphalt paving offers many impressive benefits regardless of where you live. With that being said, you should know that this paving option is even more beneficial when used in areas that experience cold winters. If you live in a cold weather climate, you can expect to enjoy several additional benefits by choosing to pave your driveway with asphalt. You can learn more about some of these cold weather benefits below. 

#1: Asphalt Retains Heat From The Sun

Asphalt not only attracts heat from the sun thanks to its dark color, but it also retains this heat very well. This feature can be extremely beneficial in cold weather climates that experience snow and ice during the winter months. This is because the heat retained by the asphalt will help to promote quicker melting of snow and ice on your driveway. When dealing with minimal amounts of precipitation, this accelerated melting could even prevent you from needing to shovel your driveway in order to remove recently fallen snow. When dealing with larger amounts of precipitation, this feature can help to make your other snow removal efforts even more effective. 

#2: Asphalt Is Not Damaged By Rock Salt 

Rock salt is commonly used in cold weather climates in order to melt snow and ice and to create a more slip-resistant walking surface. Unfortunately, rock salt can have a negative impact on some paving materials such as concrete. Asphalt on the other hand will not be damaged by the use of rock salt. This means that you can continue using this essential winter weather product without worrying about the need to cover hefty repair bills when the spring thaw comes around. 

#3: Asphalt Is Ideal For Snow Removal

The use of rock salt is just one snow removal technique that can result in damage to paved surfaces. Many paving materials also pose obstacles when it comes to shoveling, plowing, or using a snow blower. For instance, these snow removal options will typically be impossible on gravel or cobblestone driveways due to the uneven surface. These snow removal options also pose an issue when dealing with concrete driveways since concrete can be chipped or cracked when using sharp blades such as those found on a high-quality shovel or a snow plow. With asphalt paving, you never have to worry about how your driveway will hold up to different snow removal techniques. This is because asphalt offers a smooth, durable surface that is truly ideal for all your snow removal efforts.