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Use A Commercial Asphalt Paving Service To Keep Your Shopping Mall's Lot In Great Shape

If you own a shopping mall complex, you likely also own an asphalt parking lot for the customers and employees coming to your facility. You've likely already put a lot of effort into the maintenance and upkeep of the mall itself, but don't forget to do the same for the lot outside. Here's how connecting with a local commercial asphalt paving company can benefit your parking lot and your company.

Prevent Larger Issues with a Yearly Professional Inspection

Asphalt will slowly develop cracks and wear and tear over time as cars drive and people walk over it. One small hairline crack isn't a big deal, but leaving these smaller cracks unchecked can allow them to eventually expand into bigger problems. An annual inspection from a commercial asphalt company will help you keep any cracks to a minimum, and you can also make sure you don't have other developing issues like drainage problems.

Put Down New Lines and Directions to Make Your Lot Safer

A commercial asphalt company will have the equipment needed to put down new parking spot lines or stripes on top of any fresh asphalt they lay down. You should also be able to hire them to repaint your lot, even if you don't need any fresh asphalt put down just yet. Freshly painted stripes will make your lot look professional and well taken care of. You could also consider getting arrows or directions printed on the ground in order to better direct the flow of traffic through the lot, which will help ensure that your employees and customers remain safe while driving or walking across the area.

Regular Re-Paving Can Prevent Accidents and Reduce Your Liability

By regularly re-paving your entire parking lot, you will prevent the development of potholes and other tripping hazards. Along with regular re-paving comes regular repainting, ensuring that your parking lot lines remain easily visible. Clearly indicated traffic directions reduce the chances of having an accident happen on your property. When potholes and uneven surfaces are present, you leave yourself open to a negligence claim if any of those hazards causes or plays a part in an accident. The same can happen if a vehicle accident occurs and faded or unclear parking or directional lines may have played a part. Keeping your lot in good condition by repaving it regularly can help defend you from a negligence claim if an accident does occur.