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Your Questions Answered About Sealcoating Asphalt

There are various types of materials that can be used for paving parking lots, but the most commonly used material is asphalt. One of the reasons why many people choose asphalt is because it can be quickly installed, which means that the lot can start being used by customers in no time. Asphalt can get damaged from exposure to outside elements because it is not as solid as other materials. If you intend on getting an asphalt pavement installed, you can make it more durable by adding sealcoating to the surface. If you have questions in regards to whether or not it is wise to invest in sealcoating, this article can provide answers.

What Is Asphalt Sealcoating?

Sealcoating makes it difficult for outside elements to make contact with the asphalt. Basically, sealcoatings are manufactured using acrylics or materials that are bituminous, as they are able to provide a strong barrier. Polymer additives, sand, and several other filler materials are commonly mixed into the bituminous materials or acrylics as well. The quality of protection that sealcoating is able to provide depends on how well the mixture is put together. You can rest assured that your sealcoating will work well by hiring a professional to put the mixture together rather than attempting to do mix the materials on your own.

What Does Sealcoating Protect Against?

There are various elements that can damage an asphalt pavement, but sealcoating is able to provide protection against them to keep the pavement in good shape. For example, due to asphalt not being as solid as other pavement types, it is possible for rainwater to seep into it and cause damage. However, with sealcoating applied to the surface of the asphalt, rainwater will not be able to seep beneath the surface. Sealcoating can also provide protection against the harm of ultraviolet radiation, oil leaking from vehicles, and several other things.

How Should Sealcoating Be Applied?

Sealcoating should be applied by a professional for many reasons, especially if you want to ensure that it actually protects your asphalt pavement. A professional will apply the sealcoating material when the temperature is ideal, in order to make sure that the sealcoating can dry properly. A professional will make sure that the sealcoating is able to cure long enough to ensure that it doesn't get damaged by vehicles. Parking a vehicle on an asphalt pavement sealcoating that hasn't been properly cured is a big mistake.