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Protecting Your Asphalt Driveway Against Wear

If you have an asphalt driveway you are likely enjoying the aesthetics it provides to your property. To keep asphalt looking its absolute best, try the following tips as a means of routine maintenance.

Avoid The Allowance Of Excessive Weight

Whenever a heavy piece of machinery rests upon an asphalt surface for an extended time period, there is a potential that the surface will become compromised from the weight pushing downward. To avoid this, move around vehicles so they do not rest upon one portion of your driveway for days upon end. This helps to keep the asphalt from becoming damaged with depressed portions. If you need to utilize a piece of machinery on your property, place it in an area away from your driveway if possible.

Keep On Top Of Refuse Removal

It is best to perform regular cleanings of your driveway to keep it free of debris. This includes natural debris such as branches, pine needles, leaves, grass, and dirt. Invest in a leaf blower and push broom to use on your asphalt driveway whenever you notice debris present. Make the effort to clean your driveway after storms, as these cause debris to rest upon the asphalt surface. When refuse is not removed, the asphalt resting underneath it is prone to moisture build-up. Areas, where debris settles, will not fade as quickly as areas where there is asphalt that is exposed. This can cause an asphalt driveway to become mottled and ununiform in appearance.

Get Asphalt Replaced Or Repaired When Necessary

Over time, your driveway will wear. If you do not make repairs to broken portions, this wear can happen quite quickly. Perform inspections of your driveway so you are aware of any areas where wear has already occurred. If you notice cracks, crevices, or holes in your driveway's asphalt, fill them in with rubberized asphalt cement immediately. If wear is excessive, it is best to contact an asphalt repair service to tend to the problem.

Seal Your Driveway Each Year

Asphalt lasts longer if it has a layer of sealant placed on top of it. Asphalt sealant is dark gray, leaving your driveway with a pristine appearance after it is applied. Most home and business owners will contact an asphalt paving service to tend to their property when needed. This type of service will apply sealant directly to the asphalt, helping to keep it from prematurely wearing.