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What Are Your Commercial Paving Material Options?

Installing paving in your commercial premise is essential for improved curb appeal and functionality. However, various commercial paving options are available, and choosing the ideal option may be challenging. Here are the common paving options to consider for your business.


Concrete is a popular commercial paving material due to its durability. Concrete contains small rocks and sand, while cement is the binding material. The pros of concrete paving are that it can withstand hot weather and requires little maintenance. You only need to regularly clean the paving and seal the joints when cracks form. Additionally, you can get various colors, shapes, and textures of concrete pavements.

However, concrete can't withstand cold weather and gives in to freeze and thaw cycles. These cycles lead to crack formation that negatively affects the paving's appearance and increases the risk of damaging your car tires. Also, installing concrete requires more time and drainage installation is essential.


Asphalt is an excellent commercial paving material that's affordable and durable. Ideally, asphalt paving contains bitumen or tar as a binder. The pros of asphalt as a paving material are that the initial cost of installing asphalt pavements is low. Additionally, asphalt is flexible and can withstand cold temperatures and heavy loads. Furthermore, asphalt is smooth, and this reduces noise. The paving installation is also fast and straightforward, and you can use newly installed asphalt paving after a few days.

However, asphalt paving doesn't do very well in hot weather as the paving can become sticky and stain your shoes and car tires. Additionally, asphalt needs regular maintenance as the surface may develop cracks over time. Besides, asphalt is available in black color providing limited aesthetics. You also require to install drainage on asphalt paving since the material is waterproof and can cause flooding.

Permeable Plastic

Permeable plastic pavers comprise recycled plastic that resembles grid cells linked to one another. Paving contractors usually fill the paving with grass or gravel. The main pros of permeable plastic commercial paving are that the paving is eco-friendly and offers good drainage. That's because the paving is permeable and allows water to seep through, eliminating flooding concerns.

Additionally, the paving has a short installation time and requires minimal maintenance. The paving also helps control erosion and can withstand weather damage. 

Concrete, asphalt, and permeable plastic are common commercial paving options to consider. You should hire commercial paving services to install your preferred paving and enjoy all the benefits of paved surfaces.