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How To Determine If Paving Or Patching Is The Right Choice

When you're looking at an asphalt surface that's deteriorating, you have two potential solutions. You might be able to patch the surface, but you may have to start with a fresh surface, instead. Unless you work for an asphalt paving company, you probably will have some trouble figuring out which solution is right for your situation. Fortunately, you can tell by assessing these 5 issues.

Age of the Deterioration

How long has the evidence of asphalt deterioration been there? Although it doesn't guarantee you'll just need to patch the surface, the odds are probably better if you deal with the situation as soon as you see a pothole or large crack. This reduces the chances that water will find its way into the remaining asphalt or the underlying structure.

Localized Damage

The extent of the deterioration is often as important as the age. If the entirety of a parking lot is showing signs of cracking, it's probably not going to be simple for an asphalt patching company to address the problem.

Conversely, a pothole that's a couple of square feet horizontally may be a relatively easy fix. Even if the localized damage is extensive, a contractor can often cut out the affected portion and patch it.


Generally, the deep the damage goes, the harder it will be for someone to patch it. If you can see evidence of underlying concrete or soil coming through a pothole, for example, that's a bad sign. Usually, it's a good idea to start anew with the help of an asphalt paving company once the issue has gone this far. There is often water damage tunneling underneath the structure, even if most of the pavement appears to be in excellent condition.


The cause of deteriorating asphalt matters, too. If asphalt is cracking and loosening due to the ingress of water or ice, that ups the odds you'll have to start fresh. On the flip side, if you get in front of repair needs after a piece of heavy machinery rips up the surface, patching is likely a viable solution.

Near-Term Weather Conditions

Even if you want to resurface the site, the current weather could create problems. During the winter months, even in southern climates, it may not be desirable to do resurfacing work until the weather is dry and warm. In this scenario, you may need to patch the surface to make do until the near-term weather conditions turn in your favor.

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